Revealing Answers Emerge Through Integrated Analysis

Biological research gets a boost when genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics are brought together to offer a comprehensive, integrated view for a deeper understanding of biology. Tell us what biological insights you’ve learned from your integrated analysis by using Agilent’s GeneSpring 12.5* bioinformatics software.

Your moment starts here: Tell us what’s possible, and there are 3 ways you could win when you submit 3 slides on your integrated analysis. Get more information and program details below, read rules and regulations and enter now.



Qualifying students and Post-Docs will apply Agilent’s GeneSpring 12.5* bioinformatics software to their data and show us their results. See contest entry details and enter.

Submit 3 slides that explain the

  • What biological system you are studying?
  • What omics data you integrated together?
  • How you did the integration?
  • What biological insights you learned?


All entries will be reviewed for how well they demonstrate multi-omics integration, and on the quality of the biological insights discovered via integrated analysis.

Winners will be selected based on the criteria and rules for this contest.

The prizes to be given away are:

MacBook Air® 11’ 64GB


$499 Apple® Gift Card


$329 Apple® Gift Card

Note: Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.


*Requires GeneSpring 12.5 bioinformatics software or later for multi-omics analysis